ear-mark #14

Love Jihad

If you put two nouns together,
without wedging in a hyphen,
are not they a dash too intimate
for comprehension’s sake?

Love, adjectivally,
as in false adverts,
attaches to Jihad
on billboards, violently
blocking our vision
of an endogamously
saffron sunset.

What is the return-policy on this?
How did the unilinguists coin it?
May I have one in XL please?
Did they put a full-stop after Jihad?
Can I pay by American Express?

If Love be a noun, &
“myself” a *insert religion here* *insert gender here*,
I would self-describe
my Jihad as none
of your business.

If Love was a verb,
it would “itself” Jihad (a brown bearded object);
passionately, daily,
but also, more so,

Love Jihad
is, in fact,
Toils of love
chafe those
who get
neither Love
nor Jihad.

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