ear-mark #11

(this, the last two paragraphs: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20130213/as-india-kashmir/)


i’ll watch my dead

through the peelings

of her night,

as she blankets mine


i’ll sit in attendance

as i miss her

& mark my presence

on her tombstone


i’ll exonerate her cinders

and the scrapings

of her life

that flecked mine


i’ll string her stories

into a starry sky

where not cloud nor dust

dare bring me tears


when the bayonet comes

to dig out her memory

the moss of my sorrow

will fight, if i fall


the granite will speak

not a set of words

you’ve turned her to,

but of my epic ardor


i’ll watch my dead

and learn,

till you learn

that i remember

and i still live

and she breathes in me


you will no longer take her away from me

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