ear-mark #10


is a grainy sentiment
sometimes you can predict it
like petrichor

it is a common misbelief
that it needs practice
those who’ve never felt it
have smelt it (too)
like rain in the air
& stayed indoors

it is a full cycle of not-knowing

it begins with fear, and ends there

sometimes, a peripheral
like a chocolate whip-stick
that ‘smells sweet and tastes cheap’
can offset a trek
into the unknown
challenge not-knowing
as a precautionary measure

that is regret
like sheldon’s “i informed you thusly”

like desert sand grains, collecting
in water, precipitating, 900 miles above sea level,
regret has only a temporary cure

the knowledge
that there is no way
to always be
hands-on with life,

and that rain is company

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