507, 400, 460, mini-bus
534, 764, 615

110025 -> 110065
110025 -> 110001
110025 -> 110007

private, sequencing of journeys
progessions, randomised
but for a traveller
what if you moved from a to be
what if i crossed sea, only
in a dream?
what if x, y, z are planes that
if being somewhere could be
committed to memory, perfectly
would we tour differently?
could i teleport to the unlisted cafe
that serves home-made blueberry jam?
did your spirit arrive in a sealed package?
who opened it? did they sterilise it?
what do pages on which we write
letters, feel, about pincodes?

may i come in?
go further.
will you recognize me from a distance?
choose transport wisely.

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