“English Presentation”

One of my students from Math-I submitted the written copy of his semester presentation colossally late. There was a poem that accompanied it.

[Back-story: This presentation is supposed to carry 10 marks. Every mentor is allowed some freedom to determine their process. Here is mine: Pick a topic, anything related to the course that pricks your fancy > Discuss with me, get it approved > Submit a synopsis draft, following which I suggest further readings & directions > Present to a group, where one pre-allotted classmate is a respondent + others comment impromptu > Final written paper, which includes learnings from all the above. I grade only the written submission (out of 10). So, mistakes during the journey are discounted if the final product is solid. However, every step is mandatory.]

The untitled poem was as follows:

Better than Nothing
Worse than an A.
I wont sing
Neither will I say.


But I shall type
So that you may know
That this wasn’t ripe
Whereas it should’ve been so


It was mine to write up
And it was I who screwed up
And lo now I’m all out of time
But I must end this in a rhyme
So that when you finish my file
On your face will be a big smile

I did have a big smile. He tells me he can write only when he has an itch.

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  1. Snobster Says:

    I love academia. Remind me again why am I not pursuing it.

  2. uma Says:

    Definitely it brought me a smile on my face…Teaching kids sometimes are real fun :)

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