Benefits of being a Tree

You always look good. There are no bad hair days.

You get to stay home everyday.

You can just sit and observe while other run around doing chores.

You provide shade to yourself and others.

You can look all pretty and smell incredible in the flowering season.

You can have fruits, which are always sweet, and which don’t mean that you have to become fat or enter a lifetime commitment.

You are strong yet subtle, stable and kind.

The only thing you have to do in the day is nod to the wind.

Little birds and butterflies come visit you every now and then.

Almost all people like you.

You get new leaves every season when you are meant to.

You never become fat or ugly; you look good as you are – you are Nature.

You can choose to die without much bother if you don’t like it around anymore, without resulting in any medical expenses or inconsolable sad people.

We all understand how hard it is to be quiet all the time.

Apparently, we can talk to you. But we’ll never know it like you will.

You are photogenic.

You can keep the soil to the ground.

P.S. The paper economy is dwindling.

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  1. Andrew Jacob Says:

    Nature never felt better after reading this

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