a story all made-up & bare

you travel. you see new things. you see old things newly. you see yourself again. you like what you see. you see. travel.

you see some more. clouds move too close to your field. it rains. inland breezes, dim lights (read that sentence again without the ,). you see across. soft focus. peripheral-ly. you see beyond. you used to call it something, you rediscover it in someone else’s terminology (g & i used to call it “looking with both eyes”). you feel you know them from before. do you see?

what you see is what you get. seeing. space moves with your seeing. close your eyes, look away, turn it over, see with your skin.

…i saw, and all that. for a first, i’m putting up a poem here that i didn’t write. in retrospect, i never wrote poetry, i just wrote what i saw. here’s what they saw:

Kidnap, to meet

Part ways.
Topple larger sense.

* The words belong to Shaun Williams, punctuation’s mine.

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