wise-foolery : 4

fictional colours -
fighting for flag, femme or Falstaff?
a nation’s chronicles
a polygenic trait
& some revelations past…

i tried belonging
i stood dangerously close
i charmed a coin, with a flick of a finger
even broke a nail, smeared the metal figurine
was it worth it? they still ask these questions?
but i shift too soon
like an expatriate in the story

i don’t buy paintings, they don’t let me move
my walls are bare, bar the night-scribes.
i think up shapes as i go.
a bunch of marks, where once were nails
holding elaborate jig-saw, vaults
no windows, the furniture’s too frail
card-games played under the table
…must a new wall have a soft-silk finish?

left-over woolen threads
and a tea stain, a telling story
an old lamp-shade made of crochet
covered in fuligin patches which were once warm
cosmopolitan tunes transport me nowhere.

a broken pen, a vow smudged
water’s been passing under this bridge
but it’s the burning that keeps me challenged
holding up for something…

Love is but a terminology
some exercise in self-fashioning
the rituals are not empty -
i hear you mark my absence in the cloves of a tired heart.
every-night before the song begins.

16 Responses to “wise-foolery : 4”

  1. subtle_blues Says:

    I could sing this song when I’m old and nostalgic. :)

  2. manpreet Says:

    :) & i am officially deranged…sloppy movies are making me teary-eyed, and other than that, i feel nothing.

    i hope you have a full-life, & when you are old and nostalgic, you have so many happy memories that you stutter trying to keep them together in that then gray and shaky head of yours :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You should try and keep it simple. all the stuff that you have written so far is very difficult to understand. it looks like you are writing it for yourself. but you are on the internet.

    just trying to be fair.

  4. manpreet Says:

    you are right, i write for myself..and have considered going private quite a few times lately…maybe i will soon.

  5. angiasaa Says:

    If you go private, I hope it’s not because people find your posts difficult to understand. Too difficult, too bad I say.

  6. manpreet Says:

    it’s definitely not my anonymous reader’s comment that evoked this, if that’s what you refer to :)

  7. angiasaa Says:

    not the comment per se, I was refering to the sentiment pojected. :) But haan, got the answer too. :)

  8. manpreet Says:


    & by anonymous reader, i similarly meant two things – 1) faceless critique, & 2) a huge category of intended online audience

  9. angiasaa Says:

    Hmmm.. I share your stance on that. Part of my journal is similarly screened from view.. Some of it is friends-only. And some more, select-friends-only.

    Posts like this one, I do love reading.. I hope you won’t skim them off under private statuses. Protect them if you will, but I really would like access if it’s not too much to ask for.

  10. manpreet Says:

    i don’t do friends only or any sort of partial screening..personally not comfortable with the concept, although it’s a great feature. by going private, i meant going private – literally.

    don’t know what i am going to do though, or if anything at all – whatever it’ll be, will be on a selfish impulse, so can’t promise anything.

    “posts like this one” maane?

  11. angiasaa Says:

    Hmmm.. That’s personal preference, and I respect that. Was just voicing a desire not to be left out. :) I don’t ask for a promise, just some consideration. But don’t let that get in the way of what you want to do (*rolls eyes* It would’nt have any way, I know. :)

    “posts like this one”: Specifically, I was referring to posts that are open, and unconsciously phrased like this one. But in general, I meant posts that are not private.

  12. manpreet Says:

    & if by private you mean personal, how did you judge it wasn’t so? (just out of curiosity)

  13. angiasaa Says:

    By “private”, I was referring to the visibility settings of the post.

    Namely: ‘Private’, ‘Protected’ and ‘Public’. :)

  14. manpreet Says:

    well, i considered that but..just clarify for me then:

    1. “Posts like this one, I do love reading..”
    2. “Specifically, I was referring to posts that are open, and unconsciously phrased like this one. But in general, I meant posts that are not private.”

    if what you say now is what you meant, 1. is redundant and 2. is tautologically erroneous.

    isn’t it?

  15. angiasaa Says:

    They are two separate moments chronologically speaking..

    Looking back, it seems that I’ve gone and warped the meaning a bit in the second instance.

    I enjoy reading these posts for the way they’re written.. A breath of fresh air, a bundle of thoughts, feelings and emotions I’d not really encountered before.. That’s why I said “Posts like this one, I do love reading..”.

    The general picture, so to speak, was erroneous, I admit. I can’t imagine why I’d make a slip like that, but I did. :( I seem to be having trouble going back in time to when I wrote that reply and see things the way I’d seen them then. Or I’d probably have been better able to project what I meant at the time. At the time though, it seemed right to me. :)

  16. Kacie Teabo Says:

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