ear-mark #7

trusting the great outdoors is not ensuring the doors are safely locked, but sleeping listlessly under the sky…

4 Responses to “ear-mark #7”

  1. angiasaa Says:

    Trusting the great outdoors is a surefire way of losing what little we have. :)

    Though I think you’d struck a nice touch on that line.. draws a pretty picture.. Safe and sound. :)

  2. manpreet Says:

    the great outdoors were made for people who wouldn’t mind that :)

    the words are pretty, the import is a little overwhelming to get lost in poetic touches, but sach to sach hai naa…

  3. angiasaa Says:

    or vice vera.. People who don’t mind that were made for the great outdoors. :)

    Aur haan, sach toh sach hai. :)

    *leans against wall and smiles wistfully at thin air*

  4. nikitamehta Says:

    Such a beautiful Zen moment pictured here.

    It was cool breezy today morning.. made me smile!

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