ear-mark #6

“Don’t we all fear the unknown?”

“Yes, but the unknown is never as dreaded as maggots in a stitched-up wound.”


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  1. subtle_blues Says:


  2. angiasaa Says:

    often times, even worse than the unknown or the known, it’s my swiftly conjured imagination that brings fear to my heart.

  3. manpreet Says:

    imagination takes it’s cue from either the demons/angels within you or the ones outside your line of vision..

  4. manpreet Says:

    truth has that effect sometimes :) am guessing, it is just that..or is there something i miss?

  5. angiasaa Says:

    ..or, perhaps, the absolute lack of either or both. :)

    Sometimes, I wish life was easier to wrap my mind around.. But I know enough to say I’d really really hate it if that were so.

  6. subtle_blues Says:

    you got it!

  7. guffaws Says:

    When the wind blows…the maggots will whisper thy flaws…
    When the wind blows…the wounds would speak up
    Nothing exists beyond their parameter of righteousness…
    The unknown…is from where thine wind shall blow…

  8. manpreet Says:

    :D love the userpic

    the unknown is a ghost, and the maggots never leave home..you know

  9. onestopbugger Says:

    Unknown: An overestimated entity

    Unknowns are anticipated depending on the thought and state of mind of the person.

    The omnipresence of an almost not realized (Unknown) failure around an, career breaking, experiment may make the lunatic scientist dread more the “unknown-ness ” of the result than anything.

    Pain, emotions, behavior, character & attitude etc. see no generalization of any kind.

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