Tidal evenings, and we sit -
thirsty, amused, alone.
All or none.

Refusing every perchance to
take the simplest route home.
To make that journey…
And the roving adventure,
waits her at the pier -
Shaking, with her hesitation.

A happy cog has come loose,
like that ‘out of joint’ symphony -
where each pore, in oblivion,
longs for the other’s company.

The details they write on silt
‘i’ll feature in your fairy tale’
The unspoken promises they honour
‘this lock must never come undone’
The fears they closely nurse
‘are thoughts too, utterances?’

The tide watches them a long while.
She’s the heel, Achilles;
the weakest link, a moment to salvage.

15 Responses to “tidings”

  1. angiasaa Says:

    Inuendo :-)

    In confusion lies brightness, the brightness of wonder,
    in company, yet alone,
    the touch of the cool air, a singe.

    A mere hands width away, the solution lies,
    a single touch, a warm embrace,
    and the vortex that’s ebbing will rage on,
    but the touch to be made lies suppressed..

    A spade in hand, a trump card holding,
    a single move, to seal a tryst,
    yet a reluctance to affirm, to confide,
    in the self, in others,
    A simple movement to make, a tiny divide to span,
    just one little turn of the key..

    An inner fear, of revelation,
    a slit across the wrist.
    held together by a strip of skin,
    a strip of plaster waiting in the hand,
    it does not make the journey to the wound,
    the life bleeds out, the blood is beautiful, but it hurts..

    A thing of beauty, of joy, of love,
    a rhyme without rhythm, a complementary bond,
    there’s a tiny space where nothing exists,
    between opposing forces, that could have fought together.

    Grand designs were drawn, beautiful pictures painted,
    looking from the inside, the prized turned priceless,
    In time, they might wear, tear, be stolen, or turn to dust,
    Fear of that loss, would spread the divide, the key won’t turn.

    No, not a heel, instead a free spirit,
    Can fly, can touch the sky, but is restrained,
    not moving forward for fear of possible pain,
    might lose a chance to touch the possibilities that might exist.

    Turn the key. :) It’s beautiful.

  2. manpreet Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)


  3. angiasaa Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    Hmmm.. I’m being deliberately oblique in the comment above, and I’m absolutely certain you felt that.

    Could be wrong, but at the time, I was’nt very awake.. I was really tired, was drifting. Even when I began, I was adrift.

    I probably sound suggestive, but then, *rolls eyes* maybe I am.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i love how the weakest of links create history

  5. manpreet Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    oblique? naah :) i’d say you’ve given too much away..

  6. manpreet Says:

    and the magic of a fatal-flaw in a hero’s aura

  7. angiasaa Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    Yeah, re-reading it, I realize it was ‘hanging-out’ a lot more than I’d intended. I probably need to get some more rest before responding for my wits slip out from under me without my realizing it. But I know that’s not something that comes naturally to me.

    I might have given too much away. But it depends a lot on who reads what into it. I think it’s oblique enough to throw off most eyes.

  8. manpreet Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    :) i just love your confidence, but you mis-judge the brilliance of many of my visitors… ;)

    and irrespective, you are more vulnerable than you allow yourself to accept..so i feel at least.

  9. angiasaa Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    Hehe! It’s probably just a little half-hearted wishful thinking. :)

    Yes, I tend to agree with that. I am quite certain that in many aspects, you see more of me than I do myself.

  10. manpreet Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    :) i rest my case.

    p.s. – the same key opens different doors for different people. we may share sufferings, but we all endure in our uniquely dispassionate ways.

  11. angiasaa Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    :o )

    P.S.: Good point. I would’nt have put it that way, but your version makes more sense than the description I had in mind. :) I wish there was’nt so much difference though, or at least that we humans had easier ways to communicate what we’re going through.

  12. manpreet Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    :) don’t we feed-off the high that this unique-ness, albeit existentially superficial, brings us?

    and yes, there are easier ways..they begin when we tire of the babble

  13. angiasaa Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    Often times, we do. Yes. However, there are times (and quite a few of them) where such uniqueness makes one want to cover themselves up and become invisible. God knows how often I’ve been there.. Or maybe that’s just me. Kya pata.

    One mans babble is another mans gold.. :) If one thought they were being to the point, the other might not understand the connectivity with the bigger picture and consider it garbage conversation.. Gas, to fill up the space in a balloon. ..not the fabric itself.

  14. manpreet Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)

    it isn’t just you, and that’s precisely my point up there…”that’s just me” thoughts are only a “high”..indulgent, myopic and visionary

    and i was kinda referring to when we babble :) (not as a judgement of what someone else was saying)

  15. angiasaa Says:

    Re: Inuendo :-)


    We Babble too much, don’t we? :) If you see an easy way, do tell me. I’d like to try the easy ways more often.. :)

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