ear-mark #5

Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically…to those who hardly think about us in return.

- T.H.White

17 Responses to “ear-mark #5”

  1. angiasaa Says:

    Almost apt.. But there’re still miles to go toward perfection. :)

  2. manpreet Says:

    perfection of?

  3. angiasaa Says:

    Needs some perfecting of the meaning delivered by that statement.

    It’s not bang-on, if you know what I mean.. The hammer missed the head of the nail. :)

    I don’t intend to perfect it though. :)

  4. oddnari Says:

    And our minds, as well as our creative powers.

  5. manpreet Says:

    oh.. k :)

    something about the quote resonated with me..

  6. angiasaa Says:

    :) I don’t think you’re alone.. I think it resonates true for everyone of us.

  7. angiasaa Says:

    I’d say our creative ability does not wan. It actually flourishes (albeit with sudden creative blocks due to emotional overloads) :) Mind wise though, we’re utter fools. :)

  8. manpreet Says:

    well then, everyone of us is alone :)

  9. oddnari Says:

    I never said anything about creative ability’s change in volume. I only meant that we also give the best of our minds and creative abilities, uncritically to those who don’t know what to do with them or care enough.

    And yes, creative ability does flourish, I agree, but mid-flourish, it churns out repulsive specimens of mawkish sentimentality and/or deep philosophical treatises on the Meaninglessness Of It All and the futility of feelings ;) ))

  10. angiasaa Says:

    fact. :) and you’re right.

  11. manpreet Says:

    and there are no answers. *sigh*

  12. angiasaa Says:

    Ah! I agree with you there.. Sometimes, though, they do care, but we still think they don’t. Nothing’s ever enough when your heart’s not in your own hands. :)

    I gotta go read the stuff I’m churning out now.. I know exactly what you mean and I might be turning into a zombie already, without even noticing it. :)

  13. angiasaa Says:

    There’ve gotta be questions before answers can be sought na?

  14. manpreet Says:

    me’s not getting tricked into telling you my questions, lest you thought!

  15. angiasaa Says:

    :) Nope. did’nt think you would. But I am preeeety sure you have some..

    I meant you should frame the questions and then ask them. Does’nt matter who, as long as you’re sure you can trust whoever you ask with an opinion that’s not a biased or careless one.

  16. manpreet Says:

    i neh-ver seek opinion (unless, it’s on a single piece dress)

    caught in the moment, i might ask them sometime..sometimes you overcome the risk of losing an average life, for want of you-don’t-know-what-yet :) so let’s see…

  17. angiasaa Says:

    :) okai.

    There’s no such thing as an average life. And I think I see what you mean.. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

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