wise-foolery : 3

it’s no wonder that half-a-pirouette can,
and will, change the direction of your life.
it’s no solace that mourning is legal,
and helps breathing in cold canisters of strife.

it’s no magic that what fogs the vision
in an awkward hiatus, can also set your song free.
it’s no wisdom that a lot of foolish pain
goes behind a graceful stroke of dissolute glee.

but there’s wisdom and wonder,
and magic and solace – in every drop of that fuzzy potion;
for the company to those midnight fiestas is
but a forged poetic – forever in lost, meandering motion…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Charanjeet writes …

    And I searched for wise notions in a forged prose
    And my forged grief became my fuzzy potion

  2. Anonymous Says:

    footprints wiped clean on the broken glasses
    memories made on the dusted platter
    symphonies sung on the beautiful errand
    letters written on a lonely night

    poesy for the lost and the meanderer

  3. subtle_blues Says:

    I wonder if a non-poet can ever really understand and appreciate a poet’s work as he/she intends it.
    I just love the way you write. I think it’s thought-provoking and gratifying at the same time.

  4. angiasaa Says:

    An attempt at translation.. :)

    She spun around, stopped..
    ..facing the past from whence she came.
    a fork in the rhyme, she’d taken in time,
    A chance once held in the palm of a hand,
    a deed undone, can’t be what could….

    Dissension reared ridges in spasms a’ staccato,
    a blindness born of the unclear,
    a vague sense of surreality..
    And still an attempt to cling to sanity in in-sanity. (Ed: Could’nt help putting that in.)
    A space of silence born of social discomfort,
    brings forth words that existed ne’er before,
    describe the inside of a heart from ‘fore..

    To be continued.. :)

  5. athiran Says:

    that’s good.

    interesting comments.. :)

    makes the poem more complete.

  6. angiasaa Says:

    Cont: An attempt at translation.. :)


    A step in hasty wonder quoted,
    restraint forgotten in a blurry spark.
    Passion fools mind, and rules in the dark,
    The world loses focus, tangible no more..

    The breeze cups a chin in knowing palms,
    In the dark, tentacular comfort reaches out, feeling,
    Should have been blanks in the dark,
    heated blood, pain at long last,
    from the back of the mind, a spike to the heart.

    A head that rears hard as rock,
    Soft as silk, a stab of pain,
    in guise she knew, to a tune imagined.
    Distasteful, bitter, a choice seemingly made,
    Living consequences spread o’er sliced bread,

    Insane, untrue, and understood to be true,
    And yet with the consequences, one must live..
    So as one would sow, so should one reap,
    An imagined love, a truncated jive,
    A past that was gone, a heart unborn,
    No one could, when it was time, their time to weep.

    forever in lost, meandering motion…

  7. manpreet Says:

    Re: Charanjeet writes …

    oye! am travelling to kolkata tomorrow. It’s world puppet day on the 21st and they have a three-day festival there…you know, there’s a very interesting puppet group called “In the Heart of the Beast” in Minneapolis : http://www.hobt.org/

    You should get out of your lab sometime and visit them (or write to me about this fuzzy potion you brewed) :)

  8. manpreet Says:

    thank you :)

    i am a non-poet myself. what i do isn’t poetry, it’s just cryptic conversation (maybe the journal should have been titled that :P )

    how have you been?

  9. manpreet Says:

    :) hai naa..

  10. manpreet Says:

    Re: Cont: An attempt at translation.. :)

    how you know me ;)

  11. angiasaa Says:

    Re: Cont: An attempt at translation.. :)

    But I don’t..

  12. subtle_blues Says:

    Hmm.. In the last one week,

    I’ve been vindicated, beyond imagination;
    I faced and conquered my nemesis,
    I was complimented for something I did,
    I made a person see the light in her moment of personal turmoil,
    Created something beautiful and finally
    depression took over; so I’m currently licking my wounds.

    (or) I’ve been doing alright. and you?

  13. manpreet Says:

    Re: Cont: An attempt at translation.. :)

    that’s what i meant :)

  14. manpreet Says:

    getting along :)

    been travelling quite a bit this month, and getting to spend a whole lot of time just by myself…

  15. manpreet Says:

    ages ahead of me :) you write without any punctuation at all..wonderful

  16. subtle_blues Says:

    That’s quality time. any plans of visiting hyd-bad ?

  17. manpreet Says:

    i totally agree.

    and no, no calling yet :)

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