i tip-toe on his feet and pull my breath in
to reach the bower his shoulder is;
putting a lid on the evening
that mustn’t flee the silent kiss..

‘knotting is an art’, they say,
‘you can’t perfect all-alone’
what do they know, they
haven’t tried to un-connote

some days, it’s a game of hopscotch
we bend the rules with chalky palms
for what the blue skies witnessed
could oh boy, never go wrong

and then are evenings of tangerine
we fall out of words, before we fall out
of cresting fights, a troughing scene
- landing into old, legal, prosaic mourn

the door unhinged, waning shadows still compete -
to narrate, is absurd; frills fancy but tame,
..i deny modals like the abandon of fine sleet
and naked verbs bid the undoing of his name.

14 Responses to “un-knotting”

  1. angiasaa Says:

    A glowing memory and persistence in breath,
    a sound that speaks but not so in words..
    A life to live, a life to survive,
    and yet in silence, a sound that’s true.

    The curtains glow deepening with dusk,
    as the sound of rain against glass drones on.
    A quiet smile twists the edges of the sheets,
    as glowing embers curl to ashes in the wall.

    A ripple of the tide that so recently spent,
    charges gently back into the ocean of sound.
    Cold night kept on the other side of the door,
    by warmth inside and quilted decor.

    The silence of slumber, the crackling timber,
    a voice so new and yet not untrue,
    it said, reveal itself it one day would,
    it had not an inkling of just how good.

    To read of this, that you have penned, I fear I’ve gone off topic and asunder. But be that as it may, there’s a sound I enjoy. Somewhere, the projection of what you’ve said, brings a tinkling to my head.

    This little pome is that tinkling. Should one read it in conjunction with what’s been said before in your post of course. :o )


  2. subtle_blues Says:

    Interesting poem. Loved the first verse, though I lost you in the last one. :(

  3. manpreet Says:

    i read this comment soon as u posted it..and i kept it aside, knowing i’d want to ripple back to it..now :)

    it isn’t off topic at all, its just a different window to a similarly enchanted, or should i say possessed, view..

    don’t have much of a comment to add..just to let know i visit the tinkling often…

    and, you should write pomes more often, which is a popular opinion of the day btw :) heed!

  4. manpreet Says:

    :) thanks..

    and the last bit, i guess i was just being indulgent..mainly referring to my aversion to all things/actions hedged by modals like should, ought and must…and how that makes life a little easier, and a little difficult..makes any sense?

  5. angiasaa Says:

    And I kept yours aside too. Though not for the same reason. :) It was always “too little time” to think out a response. Finally, now, I’ve decided I don’t need to think any more. I’ll just do whatever I do and see how it goes. :)

    Possessed view is certainly more accurate in my learned opinion. :P And I’m glad I’m not off topic per se. :)

    As to writing pomes (I notice you spelt it correctly!), I think I will. Of late, I’ve found that I have not really lost my touch.. It was just lying dormant in my being and needed to be touched to happen again. :) Heeded the touch.. Thank you.

  6. manpreet Says:

    i’ve fallen in and out of writing numerous times..and i usually tend to write when i find myself unable to talk..or i write of that,which i can’t talk about..and then are times i can’t do neither…but i consider it an indulgence anyway, even petty rhyme which dies a scribble..

    maybe u write for different reasons, but its freeing, and to share it, even more so..and am happy to see u savour it :)


  7. angiasaa Says:

    Yup, I know those times well. I feel almost crippled when I am not writing. At times, I want to, but words just don’t drip out of my fingers.. It’s just a muddled bunch of brain-spaghetti.

    I’m a very solitary sort of person, and it feels good to be able to let my heart voice its feelings on paper. :)

    maybe u write for different reasons, but its freeing, and to share it, even more so..and am happy to see u savour it :)

    I agree with you there. :) and I’m joyful to be able to do what I do. However incompetent, it’s mine, and I love it! :)

    (*HUGS* Instead)

  8. subtle_blues Says:

    makes any sense?

    Absolutely, makes perfect sense. It reminds me of something I said in a chat.. let me find it..

    found it.

    copy pasting here…
    I just want to shut down in my cocoon and have everyone speak my language. I don’t want to communicate with them. I don’t want to learn their language, I don’t want to be nice. I don’t want anyone to be ‘nice’ to me

  9. manpreet Says:

    hugs :)

  10. angiasaa Says:


  11. manpreet Says:

    :) u know, this reminds me of the time i was little (class 1 or 2) and i used to think how my best friend (actually) existed only while i sat next to her on the desk and played with her in recess-time, and my parents existed only when i was home..and i didn’t see how they could have had a life too :) fanciful, and blissful…

    but the last bit about nice-ness is a different equation..that’s a grown up feeling, and i see what u mean..i tend to agree

  12. angiasaa Says:

    So philosophically simple na.. :)

    Cogito ergo sumRené Descartes

  13. manpreet Says:

    not simple..just condensed…
    both have a calming effect though

  14. angiasaa Says:

    Calming, yes.. :) very

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