ear-mark #3

Frenzy rides on a forbidden rule
Laud the cynic, Listen to the fool

7 Responses to “ear-mark #3”

  1. shisir Says:

    where do u get this rhymingly, intelligent ideas? am plain jealous…

  2. manpreet Says:

    winter afternoons lend them to me :)
    and it isnt intelligent really, its just open-ended enough to seem like it is…
    mini-psr would be heavenly at this time of the year. miss that!

  3. shisir Says:

    doesnt the world term it ‘modesty’…the modesty of being ‘just open endedness’ while being utterly intelligent?…intelligently open ended, open endedly intelligent, intelligent but open ended, open ended yet intelligent…mere word plays…well it seems winter’s afternoon is casting its spell on me as well…

  4. manpreet Says:

    the world also terms it deceit sometimes..depending on their mood :) and in winters, moods alter like how!

  5. angiasaa Says:


    tickling tides
        surge to retrieve..
    and tucked into water,
        like curtains rolled over

    The voice of an angel,
        seemingly mean
    choices of life,
        meant to be lean

  6. manpreet Says:

    Re: continued….

    ahh :) welcome song..was i gone so long?

  7. angiasaa Says:

    Re: continued….

    Way too long! :-\

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