a scission so deep, its dark in there
a dark so dense, lays some thought bare
that thought so sharp, cuts through the sky
a sky so vast and blue, timid but high.

would someone grab that flying arc?
of bloody coups and the fleeing monarch
were written and sung the tales galore
my thought still paused, to claim its lore.

the wilderness gushes out of its sides
the age it betrays, the truth it decries
its dance is aberrant, knows not it grace
thy thought in this heaven, alas, finds no solace…no place.

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  1. gr8deeps Says:



  2. pmax3 Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    A very happy birthday to you, sepiaverse! :-)

  3. manpreet Says:

    Re: Happy Birthday!!

    nice userpic :)
    see u friday.

  4. monali_sharma Says:


    was just going through ur poetry archives…must say you are pretty good with words….wonder if yu are posted about the poetry contest that the Harper Collins people are organizing…do send them an entry….good luck:)

  5. manpreet Says:

    Re: hey….

    thanks for letting me know!
    I’ll certainly try :)
    and hope you are sending in too..

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