ear-mark #2

bricoleur’s penseive – my life’s been one strangely lit stage…so often i find myself in a spot, and yet, the light is never enough for the scene…

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  1. shisir Says:

    bricoleur penseive

    Cliches are cliches because they are so appropriate and true everytime. “The world is a stage…” is just another one. There will be a central play, sub plays, sub plots, actors and scores of actors, yet each one is so engulfed in it’s individual role that for them they are always the central figure, always in the spot(light).
    You will have ample light once you open your eyes and look around. You will find your source. You already have the word ‘bricoleur’… One can tinker with life, be creative, and do all of it by yourself, occupying yourself.

    from silence to silence I thus echoed, knowing not where to halt, where to fall… (I hope this will be taken as an appreciation to the second word of the post. I got inspired by your writings to come up with this.) waiting for your next post

  2. manpreet Says:

    Re: bricoleur penseive

    you were definitely sleeping in bhaduri’s class babu :)

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