to whom it may discomfort, the story died sometime before its first rendition in a magician’s cast, it carried to another universe, with no grammar/no lesson

the flight of a frisbee is a contest of the will of the hand with the play of the wind..sometimes friends, foes yet again..
the bustle of the day roams in the light: fanatically, supremely gay..never dares fill out the silence under night’s dark mane

texts say it is you that tug me here once, then you tug me there.. but they who never read know the strings are somewhere else, somewhere i belong and they behold but i believe i love you as i love those moulds

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  1. angiasaa Says:

    To evaluate those discomforted, the story probably has lighter significance on the outer surface, but the undercarriage bears down heavily upon the springy cushions defying the gravity of the thoughts involved.

    The frisbee thought kinda reflects determination of some kind. I’m probably over-analyzing things. :o )

    It’s funny how much wonder there can be around us, and yet, there’s a semblance of a growing organism in our thoughts.. We’re so easily led by the sights and sounds, that we rarely ever stop to wonder what is it inside our minds and hearts that causes us to react the way that we do.

    It’s just so amazing and immersive, it’s almost complete in the way it stands.

    To Life!

  2. manpreet Says:

    to life :)
    you arent over-analyzing, just following my math/magic illogic..
    and thats probably why i dont have to stop and wonder. you do it for me so much more articulately :P

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