By Definition

‘Destination’ is a string of pit-stops in my journey to anon.

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  1. angiasaa Says:

    Destination is just some point in the vague horizon. The closer you get to it, the further it seems to be.

    That’s the funny thing about being stranded on a round planet, no edges! :o P

  2. manpreet Says:

    sometimes i feel time is the only continuum..but even that goes in all directions..back n forth n where-not!

    i love the escape it offers at times, but it makes me dizzy too..

  3. angiasaa Says:

    Time hath no begining, and no end.. Dun remember who it was that came up with that quote, but it’s probably closest to the truth as we know it. :o )

    The infinite ability and reach of the human mind is another thing with no begining and no end. no matter what you do, you just can’t overcome it. :) But then, we grow all our lives solely because we are dying to see how far we can go. :)

  4. manpreet Says:

    dying to see how far we can go. :)

    sounds so nice, and so tragic… :)

  5. angiasaa Says:

    :) Another perspective on death would be that we’re born to die. But that sounds a bit pessimistic to say the least. :o P

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